The OAHPERD Virtual Convention will take place virtually from January 17 through February 21, 2022.
Registrants will receive access to a library of 11 recorded sessions totaling 300 minutes. Videos were submitted by OAHPERD members and other Health and PE professionals. Registrants will have access to the library and may view at their leisure through February 21, 2022. 
In order to access the video library you must be registered. Videos will not be shareable. 
If you have questions before you register please contact Zoe or Lisa. 


Overview of Video Library

Higher Ed Division Chair 2021 (5 minutes)
•Session Description: Overview of contributions of Higher Education Faculty to OAHPERD during 2021. 

•Speaker: Adrian Turner, Associate Professor at Bowling Green State University

Balanced Movement and Motor Learning (45 minutes)
•Session Description: This is a presentation describing how and why physical and health education teachers are poised to address movement education, especially the QUALITY of movement. Why? To promote injury prevention and movement for life. 
•Speaker: Caroline Humberston, PT, CSCS, Playtime 
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Content Knowledge Packet for Teaching Basic Figure Skating Skills (20 minutes)
•Session Description: Developing depth of knowledge for teaching introductory skating skills for new skaters.
•Speaker: Insook Kim, Kent State Unviersity; Jiyoo Lee, Hudson High School
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Science Based Practices and Supplements to Boost Immunity in Distance Runners (20 minutes)
•Session Description: This session is for Distance runners, Coaches, Health and Physical Educators who are interested in practices that can boost immunity in distance runners.  In this presentation, participants will learn about 5 science-based practices to help distance runners boost and maintain a strong immune system. They will also learn about two key science based supplements to boost immunity as well.

•Speaker: Dr. Kitty Consolo 
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Learning on a Loop: Using GIFs in Physical Education (15 minutes)
•Session Description: This session will teach attendees how to create their own GIFs to use in Physical Education. I will share different ways GIFs can be used as a teaching tool and I will discuss the benefits of using them in Physical Education.
•Speaker: Kent Hamilton

Self-Defense & Awareness Curriculum Pilot | Health & PE Lessons for Middle School (35 minutes)
•Session Description: Sierah Strong is a standards-based curriculum for middle school Health & PE instructors to arm students with self-defense & awareness skills to keep them safe.

•Speaker: Tara Ice - Justice for Sierah, Tina Dake - Washington Local Schools, Jana Schultz - West Side Montessori
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Classroom Screen: A One Stop Shop for PE Teachers (15 minutes)
•Session Description: Tired of flipping back and forth between your watch timer? Often forget when to have students switch to their next station? What about picking taggers or teams? ClassroomScreen.com is a PE Teacher's one stop shop for all of those things, making student selection easier as well as helping to keep a timely pace.
•Speaker: Brittany Deas, Mentor Public Schools
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The Outdoors is for All Students! (25 minutes)
•Session Description: Outdoor Adventures K-12 is a full year-long curriculum designed to get students outdoors.  There are 290 lessons in 34 units.  The Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation is a 501 C 3 non-profit and all new schools receive $1000 equipment or curriculum grant.  For the first 10 schools with NASP equipment can have the entire Outdoor Adventures K-12 curriculum free!

•Speaker: Scot McClure, Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation
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Everyone Counts in P.E. (35 minutes)
•Session Description: Everyone wants a voice to be heard in life, and in PE class, that is no exception. We believe that in our district's PE program, that everyone counts. Our goal is to make every student feel important and help find success through the activities we do and discussions we have. In this session, we share many activity ideas with a focus on Grade 3-5 students, that help point to our theme of "Everyone Counts." Watch to see the tie ins to this theme and to gain some team-building ideas that lead to class camaraderie and cut down on fierce competitiveness.
•Speaker: Heather Barbour, Columbia/Twin Oak Elementary Schools in Mt. Vernon. Brock Evans, Pleasant Street/Wiggin Street Elementary Schools in Mt. Vernon, OH.
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