2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

President Traci Grissom 
President - Elect Mary LaVine
Treasurer Lisa Gundler
Secretary Heather Barbour
Trustee Jim Cook
Trustee Ruthie Kucharewski
Trustee Pam Bechtel
Executive Director Lisa Kirr
Executive Assistant Zoe Ellis 










Adult Development & Learning Division
Chair Claudia Grimes
Vice Chair Cindy Acklin
Dance Division
Chair Vacant
Vice Chair Vacant
Health Division
Chair Meggan Hartzog
Vice Chair Melissa Smith
Higher Education Division
Chair Adrian Turner
Vice Chair Vacant
Physical Education Division
Chair Betty Kern
Vice Chair Vacant
Recreation Division
Chair Kristin Whaley
Vice Chair Jamie Sympson
Sports Sciences Division
Chair Bonnie Berger
Vice Chair Mary Jo MacCracken
Student Division
Student Advisor Emily Weir


Standing Committees

Editorial Board Standing Committee
Editor Bob Stadulis
Editorial Board Committee Member Erin Hutzelman
Editorial Board Committee Member Ted Spatkowski
Editorial Board Committee Member Mary LaVine
Editorial Board Committee Member Ruthie Kucharewski
Editorial Board Committee Member Garry Bowyer
Editorial Board Committee Member Michael Sheridan
Governance & Nominating Standing Committee
Nominating Sub-committee Chair Sue Sutherland
Nominating Sub-committee Vice-Chair Vacant
Constitution & Bylaws Sub-committee Chair Pamela Bechtel
Constitution & Bylaws Sub-committee Vice-Chair Vacant
Awards & Recognition Standing Committee
Awards & Recognition Chair Stacey Slackford Barnes
Awards & Recognition Committee Member Mary LaVine
Awards & Recognition Committee Member Julie Kenny
Awards & Recognition Committee Member Lauren Wilson
Awards & Recognition Committee Member Ty-Ann Gray
Ohio Gold Awards Sub-committee Chair Garry Bowyer
Research Grants Sub-committee Chair Garry Bowyer
Memorial Scholarship Sub-committee Chair Bruce Pietz
Memorial Scholarship Committee Mary Jo MacCracken
Memorial Scholarship Committee Bonnie Berger
Memorial Scholarship Committee Corinne Daprano
Memorial Scholarship Committee Robert Stadulis
Finance, Investment & Review Standing Committee
Finance, Investment & Review Chair Lisa Gundler
Public Relations & Advocacy Standing Committee
Public Relations & Advocacy Chair Kevin Lorson
Public Relations & Advocacy Vice-Chair Vacant



Ohio Department of Education Representative     Randi Myers                
Ohio Department of Health   


Special Appointments 

Coordinator of Community Partmnerships              Sasha Taylor                     
Convention Committee Chair  Carol Falk
Social Justice & Diversity Chair  Jennifer Fissette 
Social Media & Marketing Kent Hamilton