Higher Education Division

The Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance includes different divisions which have been developed to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning in the core disciplines represented by members of the Association. The Divisions will promote professional development programs and workshops for their specific membership throughout the year. In addition, the divisions are responsible for encouraging presentations at the Annual Convention within each specific discipline.

Each division and its chair shall also serve as state-wide advocates for curriculum, public policy, and policies which affect the disciplines represented by its membership.

If you are interested in contacting the chair of the Higher Education division, contact Weidong Li.

The Higher Education Division continues to present varied experiences for our students. Maintaining the cutting edge of programming and information, Colleges and Universities have developed new and innovative curriculum and courses. Find listed some highlights from several institutions.

Kent State

Kent State continues to promote and expand the combined Health and Physical Education Licensure programs while still allowing students interested in Pre-K-12 Physical Education only to accomplish licensure requirements. The Human Movement Studies program affords a student the opportunity to have core course work in physical education yet do some self-design coursework to peak their interests and adapt to our changing society. Kent’s graduate programs continue to grow including extensive field experiences and connections with seasoned veteran teachers and administrators.

Grad Program:

Miami University

Miami University continues to afford students the global experience. Believing students grow in their knowledge through personal experiences, the KNH Departments offers students the opportunity to travel abroad. Beyond Miami’s European Campus, Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg, KNH students have the opportunity to travel to Nepal and climb My Everest (18,000 feet), Peru, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and others. These programs encompass both academic credit courses and global interaction opportunities. Preparing students to have an international perspective on health & wellness and athletics & physical education expands the educational understanding of a global society.

Ohio University

Ohio University and the Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy believe in reaching out to the community. Mr. Matt Vossler and his students created a "Rec Day” program geared toward involving special needs individuals. As seen in the link, participants and students participated in physical activities, crafts and interaction with birds. While this was a wonderful learning and exposure time for OU students, it opened the campus to individuals not presently part of the OU campus.

Otterbein University

Otterbein University like many universities has moved to the semester schedule. Changing courses to meet the new format has been challenging yet exciting and creating new interest in the programs. Otterbein continues to focus on its 5 Cardinal Experiences – Leadership & Citizenship, Community Engagement, Global Engagement, Undergraduate Research, and Internships and Professional Experiences.