Dance Division

The Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance includes different divisions which have been developed to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning in the core disciplines represented by members of the Association. The Divisions will promote professional development programs and workshops for their specific membership throughout the year. In addition, the divisions are responsible for encouraging presentations at the Annual Convention within each specific discipline.

Each division and its chair shall also serve as state-wide advocates for curriculum, public policy, and policies which affect the disciplines represented by its membership.

If you are interested in contacting the chair of the Dance division, contact Sally Davros.

Resources & Links

OhioDance is a statewide organization that inclusively supports the diverse and vibrant practice of dance. This website is a valuable resource to students and educators alike as it provides membership opportunities, a newsletter, and frequently updated information on festivals and performances in Ohio.


Dance Education Web is geared primarily for dance professionals by including an array of topics relevant to engaged teachers. By providing ways of how to advocate the arts, this website encourages a dance teacher to become more knowledgeable and versed in the field.


This brief article by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives, is geared towards amping up attitudes about dance. By addressing dance from the emotional and more physical aspect the goal is to educate elder adults about all the positive influences dance can have on aging and staying healthy.


This search engine is going to provide the reader with broad information on almost anything you would like to know dance related. Starting at the home page a researcher has the option to explore topics, such as: dance for beginners, types of dance, famous dancers, and even a dance personality quiz.


The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) is great way to become a well rounded educator. By simply glancing at the home page one can become excited with fascinating ways to become more involved in their profession while having the opportunity to connect and develop with other professionals in similar fields.


PE Central is a premier website for health and physical education by providing extensive research on numerous topics important to the field. This website is still a great resource to dance teachers though by providing sample lesson plans, sample assessments, and ideas for dance curriculums.

Ohio Dance - Ohio Dance is a statewide organization that inclusively supports the diverse and vibrant practice of dance.

National Dance Education Organization


Creative Dance Center

Trace of Country - Line Dancing in Ohio

Click here for a list of Dance Resources and links.

Dance Educators

Dance Beatz
 [email protected]

2011 National Dance Association Vice President 
2005 OAHPERD Dance Educator of the Year
2006 Midwest AAHPERD Dance Educator of the Year

Leann Haggard
[email protected]

2010 OAHPERD Pre-Conference Workshop
2010 AAHPERD Dance Gala, choreographer 
2006 K-12 National Dance Educator of the Year

Christy Lane
Christy Lane Enterprises
2009 OAHPERD Pre-Convention Workshop

Dance Division Leadership