OAHPERD Health Education Model Curriculum

New! OAHPERD developed the Health Education Model Curriculum to support local districts planning a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, skills-based health education curriculum.

Each of the links below will open a component of the OAHPERD Health Education Model Curriculum

OAHPERD Model Curriculum Introduction – An overview of the Model Curriculum that supports the implementation of the curriculum. Includes information about the background information, development of the curriculum, key concepts, implementing a skills-based curriculum, and developing local curriculum.

Learning Outcomes – The Standards, Benchmarks and Indicators for Grades K-12
Priority Charts – Tables that overview the aligned standards and health education topic areas.
Content Frameworks – Explanation of the knowledge and skills within each topic area that will support the achievement of the learning outcomes.

 For additional questions about the OAHPERD Health Education Model Curriculum and opportunities for professional development, contact Lisa Kirr ([email protected]).  

OAHPERD Model Curriculum Introduction

Guide to the OAHPERD Model Curriculum

Learning Outcomes - Standards & Benchmarks

Priority Charts - Priority Charts K-12

Content Frameworks