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  • Quality Health Education & Physical Education
  • Including course offerings and standards-based curriculum
  • Expanded course offerings and minutes of instruction for health and physical education in grades K-12.
  • Encourage local districts to utilize Credit Flexibility instead of Physical Education Waiver


  • Ohio Health Education Standards
  • Ohio Health Education Standards
    -Senate Bill 121 
    -House Bill 165 
  • Supporting state and district initiatives for student health and wellness including social-emotional learning and Student Wellness and Success, and Whole Child Initiatives. 


  • ESSA - Continued support of well-rounded students, safe and healthy schools and educating the whole child.


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Contact the Advocacy Chair for more information:

Kevin Lorson
Advocacy Chair
Wright State University
[email protected]

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Support Health Education Standards for Ohio

OAHPERD Health Education Standards

- An overview of the issue, summarizes health education requirements, and additional information about the bill. 

Ohio's Health Education Standards:

-Information supporting Health Education Standards Legislation.

Health Education Standards Teacher 2019

- A one-page handout sharing teachers’ perspectives about the importance of health education standards. 

Quality Skills-Based Health Education Curriculum

- Information about quality skill-based health education and the steps to develop a skills-based curriculum. Standards are an essential element of a skills-based health education curriculum.

Health Education & Local Control

- Describes the health education requirements, role of standards, and how standards protect and enhance local control.