Dance Educator of the Year


For the purpose of this award, a dance educator is defined as an individual who has major responsibility for teaching all dance forms, except aerobic dance, within grades K-12 in a school system.

The candidate must be a pre-primary, elementary, middle school, junior high or senior high school teacher with a minimum of three years teaching experience and a member of OAHPERD/NDA/AAHPERD.

  • Teaches creatively and produces creative work by utilizing various teaching methodologies.
  • Promotes an understanding of dance as a creative and performing art form within the cultural context through discussion of the aesthetics of the student's own work and the works of others.
  • Presents a balanced and sequential curriculum, based on the developmental, social and psychological needs of the students.
  • Serves as a positive role model as a teacher, person, and dancer.
  • Stimulates participation in dance forms through viewing quality live and or recorded professional dance.
  • Evidences professional commitment through membership and active participation in local, state and/or national dance education organizations.
  • Dignifies the creative work of students by sharing with appropriate audiences.


The online application and all supporting materials must be submitted to Stacey Slackford-Barnes via email in PDF or Microsoft Word format only. Only send fully completed applications in one email to Stacey at [email protected] by the respective due date. Incomplete packets will not be considered.

  1. Download Dance Education TOY Application
  2. Download Dance Education TOY Criteria Form
  3. Download the Dance Education TOY Essay Form
  4. Download the Dance Education TOY Biography Form
  5. Download the Dance Education TOY Agreement Form