Young Professional of the Year


For the purpose of this award, a young professional is defined as an individual who has:

  • Not yet reached the age of 36
  • Maintained membership in OAHPERD for a minimum of the past five years.
  • Exhibited a devotion to the advancement of health, physical education, recreation and/or dance in content areas included as part of the divisional structures of OAHPERD.
  • Exhibited leadership in professional areas for at least 6 years.
  • Displayed distinctive leadership and meritorious services to the profession in each of the following areas: service, professionalism, authorship.
  • In nominating the candidate, please address each of the following three criteria using not more than one page double spaced for each criteria.


  • An elected office holder of the state association.
  • Office holder or appointed or elected in the Midwest District.
  • Office holder of an affiliated organization of SHAPE America or a related organization.
  • Chairperson or active committee member of OAHPERD.
  • Committee worker with a state, district or national organization.
  • Speaker before educational groups in the interest of HPERD.


  • An outstanding contributor to clinics, workshops, and state or local curricular projects concerned with the areas of HPERD.
  • Promoter of outstanding programs in any of the various areas of HPERD at any educational level.
  • An outstanding contributor to the profession whose work has affected its philosophy or practice included in the above.
  • Demonstrated outstanding teaching or athletic coaching.

Authorship-Research/Creative Contributions:

  • Researcher, who has helped to advance the profession.
  • Author or co-author of one or more books in HPERD.
  • Author of articles on the subject of HPERD in state or national magazines
  • Creator of unique productions of dance, and/or synchronized swimming.
  • Recipient of scholarships, fellowships, grant monies or monetary awards.


The online application and all supporting materials must be submitted to Stacey Slackford-Barnes via email in PDF or Microsoft Word format only. Only send fully completed applications in one email to Stacey at [email protected] by the respective due date. Incomplete packets will not be considered.

  1. Download Young Professional PE TOY Application
  2. Download Young Professional PE TOY Criteria Form
  3. Download the Young Professional PE TOY Essay Form
  4. Download the Young Professional PE TOY Biography Form
  5. Download the Young Professional PE TOY Agreement Form