Ohio Gold Award

What is the Ohio Gold Physical Education Award?

The Ohio Gold Excellence in Physical Education Award Program is designed to recognize those schools whose policies and practices reflect a high priority and quality for Physical Education in schools.  The program is sponsored by the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  The Ohio Gold Awards program will accept applications and rank schools based upon their progress to achieve a “gold” standard in Physical Education.

Why should our school apply for this award?

Research has shown that unhealthy behaviors that lead to poor health outcomes are established during youth and extend into adulthood.   Research has also shown that physical activity and learning are intertwined.  Youth who get regular physical activity through quality physical education are better prepared to learn.  Schools play an important role in the lives of children.   If your school is one which adheres to the State Physical Education Academic Content Standards and provides quality programming, you are eligible to be recognized with an Ohio Gold Award.  Why not join other schools across Ohio that have come forward and received recognition for their efforts in establishing excellence in Physical Education?

How does our school apply for the Ohio Gold Award?

Applications can be either electronic (online URL or flash drive) or presented in a three ring binder. If submitting electronically, please ensure that files are correctly sequenced for ease of review.

Complete the Ohio Gold application form. Supplement your application with the following:

  1. Evidence that Physical Education is supported by the school district administration. This includes the completed Ohio Gold application form and letters of support from your administrator(s).

  2. A copy of your school’s developmentally appropriate curriculum that aligns with the Ohio Physical Education Academic Content Standards, Benchmarks and Performance Indicators. The curriculum guide MUST include an indication of when (in the school year) the benchmarks are covered and the content used in instruction. Include sample lesson plans from a unit that you have planned.

  3. An assessment plan for the previous year, with ALL previous year data and a narrative interpretation of what the data says about your entire program (please be specific). The narrative should include reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of your students, and a detailed data-based plan for changes in content and/or instruction for the next year. Together the data and interpretation should provide evidence that your program appropriately assesses student learning relative to ALL required Ohio PE Benchmarks assessments, and that you use the data to reflect on your program and instruction.

  4. An explanation, with supporting materials, of how your program currently provides students for opportunities for quality daily physical activity participation outside of the curriculum. 

Applications must be completed and returned to the address listed below by October 14, 2024.

The survey will be scored by the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  The Ohio Gold Awards Committee will review all support materials.  

What will our school receive for our time and effort?

Those schools which show exemplary programs and policies will be ranked into one of three categories:  1) Gold; 2) Silver and; 3) Bronze.  The gold award winners will receive an Ohio Gold School banner.  Silver and bronze award winners will receive a plaque for their school. 

Mail completed applications to:

The Ohio Association for Health,
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
400 W. Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 120
Worthington, Ohio 43085

Who do I call if I have questions?

Lisa Kirr
Executive Director
(614) 228-4715
[email protected]