Meritorious Award

To be a recipient of this award the candidate must:

  • Be at least 35 years of age and hold a Master's degree or its equivalent in hours of study.
  • Have made significant contributions in the fields of health education, physical education, recreation or safety education.
  • Be a current member of and have held membership in OAHPERD for five consecutive years. (Former members who have retired are exempt from the membership rule.)
  • Have at least 10 years experience as teacher, supervisor director, or any combination in the fields of physical education, health education, recreation or safety education.
  • Be of fine moral character.


In nominating the candidate, please address each of the following criteria using not more than one page double spaced for each criteria.  Elementary or secondary school educators shall demonstrate proficiency in at least three of the criteria while administrators or college/university personnel shall be judged on at least four of the categories.

  • Has held office or is now holding an office in the State Association.
  • Has served on committees with local, district, or state organizations related to or affiliated with the State Association.
  • Has given addresses before educational groups, conventions, assemblies, service clubs, and other groups (including the media) held in the interest and promotion of physical education, health education, recreation, safety education, and/or dance.
  • Has written for newspapers, magazines, handbooks, and other publications.
  • Has developed research that has advanced the profession.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the profession at the local, state, district, or national levels not covered in the above.
  • Has developed an outstanding program.
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